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I've had an idea for an adoptable species brewing around for a while and I finally put it to paper today!! Still ironing out kinks but it's a start uwu

They are a dream-based species, between the size of a house cat to a dog. They hop from one person's dream to another and fight away bad spirits and negative thoughts, ensuring their friends and/or master has peaceful dreams. They themselves are spiritual creatures. They don't have eyes, just empty sockets. Usually they have a lid closed over the socket, but some have flowers or leaves growing from the sockets. They 'see' spiritual energy, seeing a person or creature's soul.

They look somewhat canine-like. They don't have paws though, they have hooves on each foot/leg. They often hop or do long strides to get around. When they walk on earthen ground, flowers, grass and saplings grow in their wake. They are covered in soft, fluffy fur. Most of them have some kind of horns, which they use to defend themselves or attack bad spirits. Very rarely, they can have wings. Their tails and ears vary widely in shape and size, though rarely some are birthed without them.

They are not 'born' from a mother, but simply come into being when strong positive energy pools in a single place. They 'die' in places where negative energy is strong, simply fading from existence. They don't eat or sleep, though often rest beside friends or their master when they sleep in a calm, sleep-like state (though unlike sleeping, they are fully aware). When they enter a person or creature's dream, they simply disappear from the physical world.

Their voice/cry is soft and soothing, and often sounds like singing or music. Many people are lulled to sleep by their calls. They also have the ability to link to a person or creature's mind and cause dream-like hallucinations or visions. In fact, they are the reason people experience 'deja vu' - sometimes when they brush against someone, they might cause them to slip into a dream-like state while awake, though only for a moment - this is a 'deja vu'. If they have a close bond to another of their species, such as a close friend or a mate, they can link together their masters' dreams, allowing two people to share dreams. 

For now they don't have a name, but I have been thinking of Rever, Drever, Reverant, and Sorever. Do you guys like any of these or have anything better?

I did some sketches for ideas that I'll post tomorrow, when it's not 2:30 in the morning haha
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